Top Activities And Events For London Visitors – September 2022


Whatever the weather, London has an event to entice and excite, providing ample options for all ages and tastes. It’s one of the reasons that the city is such an exciting holiday prospect for guests of Hyde Park accommodation. But planning your trip might require a few museum bookings and sightseeing tours, but rarely will holidaymakers have the time or the free schedule to research the blink and you miss it events and attractions that pop up in London every month.

The kinds of events you’ll see staged in the city are in keeping with the time of year, and with the summer come outdoor pop up stages and installations, whilst the winter will draw you into some of the best galleries, museums and cultural centres in the city. September, therefore, is a funny one in that the school holidays are finishing up and the crowds around Buckingham and Kensington Palace, alongside the many other landmarks, are thinner than at peak season times. 

So what does one do on a trip to London during the limbo month of September? Below are some of our top picks for city events. 

Open House London – 8th – 21st of September

Book in advance for this one, because buildings often off-limits to the public open up in September so that visitors can explore and appreciate the architecture. Including buildings like the BT Tower, this festival offers free tours and exhibitions across the city.

The Crucible At The National Theatre

Starting from the 14th of September, this revival of an American classic is one of the must see events of the year. Written by Arthur Miller during the “red scare” of the 1950s, it explores the trial of an alleged witch in Salem, Massachusetts. This revival will see a contemporary spin on the play and is a great way to catch some exciting and affordable theatre, all with a strong political statement at its core.

London Design Festival – 17th – 25th September

The London Design Festival has its headquarters in the V&A, a museum well worth visiting in its own right. The festival itself will see structures, exhibitions, talks and installations emanating out of the South Kensington area, making it a must visit for art, architecture and design lovers staying at the nearby Signature Townhouse London Hyde Park.

Frieze Sculptures Of Regent’s Park

Frieze Gallery takes its art experiments outside this September with its annual Sculpture Park showcase. Regent’s Park is one of the most popular of the royal parks thanks to its open air theatre and zoo, but the Frieze Sculpture Exhibit breathes fresh colour into the already vibrant green space. Expect the otherworldly, the outrageous and the hilarious across the flower gardens of Regent’s Park front he 14th of September all the way into November.

Greenwich And Docklands International Festival

Guests of boutique hotels near Marble Arch can easily reach this beautiful celebration of art and creativity via the Jubilee Line to North Greenwich. Running till the 11th of September, the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival consists of out of this world installations and sculptures with a highlight being Islands of Foam by Stephanie Lüning on the 3rd and 4th, in which multicoloured foam will flood the streets of Greenwich.