What Makes London’s Hyde Park So Popular: All You Need to Know


One of the most famous parks in London, Hyde Park was built by King Henry VIII to satisfy a royal passion for hunting. A significant public place in the Victorian age, it is the largest royal park in central London today! Read on to learn more about this world-renowned park’s history and why you must explore the park at least once in your lifetime!

This enchanting park in the heart of the city is where the UK’s first pride march began and where Nelson Mandela first took to the stage. It’s also where the Rolling Stones performed by the lake and the suffragettes delivered game-changing speeches. We’re sure you would have some idea by now, about how the park is such an icon. Reserve the most luxurious stay at Signature Town House Hotel London, just a few steps away from Hyde Park and make the most of your holiday as you stay in modern, amenity-rich rooms and explore one of the most famous and loved historical parks for yourself!

History of Hyde Park

After serving as a royal hunting ground for Henry the Eighth, Hyde Park was opened to the public by King Charles I in 1637. It soon became a renowned place for parades and excursions and as it started to gain more popularity, Queen Caroline redesigned the park in the 18th century. After the Great Exhibition was held here in 1851, Speaker’s Corner was established as a place for free expression! It was in the late 20th century when Hyde Park hosted legendary concerts at the peak of its fame, including Pink Floyd and Queen.  Even today, it hosts some of London’s most exclusive cultural events, attracting people from all walks of life to experience the charm! So, look out for the best London family hotels with special offers and plan your visit to explore this royal, massive park in the heart of London city.

Serpentine Lake

It’s no doubt that Hyde Park is packed with amazing things to discover. At its heart, you’ll find the mesmerising Serpentine Lake, created by Queen Caroline. Named after its serpentine shape, the lake has served as a venue for legendary open-water swimming Olympics events. In addition to this, the Serpentine Swimming Club is one of the oldest swimming clubs to exist! So, make the most of your luxurious stay at one of the hotels close to Hyde Park London, as you explore the popular lake boasting picturesque lakeside paths for tranquil strolls and waterfront cafes to relax!

Speaker’s Corner

Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner is where you’ll see revolutionaries and radicals from George Orwell to Karl Marx express their thoughts. In 1851, over six million people visited Hyde Park to witness the Great Exhibition. Even today, during weekends, you’ll find people expressing their views here.

Plan Your Visit

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and explore Hyde Park’s, picturesque meadows and winding paths or head to the alluring rose garden. Keep a check for London hotels on special offers with breakfast and plush amenities for a delightful stay in the heart of the city and from where you can access this royal park. Make the most of your holiday as you experience Hyde Park’s timeless elegance for an experience to remember!